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  • Over 70 of the world's finest coffees
  • Delivered direct to you the day after roasting - in peak condition
  • GREAT VALUE - we sell in large 500g packs not the smaller 227g packs
  • GREAT VALUE - generous quantity discounts, 10%, 22% & 32%
  • FREE UK delivery (for 2 or more packs)
  • Buy as beans, or pre-ground to order
  • Why not start a Coffee Club at the office or with friends and receive big discounts - see Special Offers

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Our coffee is sold in large 500g packs (compared to the normal 227g sold in shops). Buy in bulk; 5 packs from £9.98 per pack & 10 packs from  £8.69 per pack. FREE delivery.


Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

Finest Coffees & Teas

Our fine coffees are freshly roasted and then delivered direct to your door. With a vast range of coffees from around the world you can’t buy finer, fresher coffee - taste the difference!

Why not also try our extensive range of fine teas and infusions.


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